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Opening Night

Date: 09.08.2024, Begin: 19:30 Uhr, Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Location: Stadtsaal Mattighofen

Dreispiel: Musik, Literatur & Superhelden
An exciting and varied program awaits on the opening evening, in which Klaus Ranzenberger will talk about his imaginary superhero “Uncle Franz” tells, Gernot Bernroider makes music with his international ensemble “Culturessence”, cuisine from GH Badhaus, the exhibition by artist Sabine Nessling will be opened and some “superheroes” of the Braunau district - people who have done outstanding things for their environment in recent years - in a panel discussion with Welle 1 moderator Antonia-Alexa Georgiew about themselves and their motives.

Admission: Voluntary donations/tickets required

Blues Power Night

Date: 10.08.2024, Begin: 19:30 Uhr, Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Ort: Voglpark / Stadtsaal (bei Schlechtwetter)

The Blues Overdrive (Dänemark)
They have twice been awarded the “European Blues Award” for ‘Album Of The Year’ as the best blues band in Europe. This year the Danish super band The Blues Overdrive is coming from Copenhagen en route to Mattighofen. One can be curious about the gentlemen from the far north, who will perform in the Blues Brothers manner with frontman Martin Olsen (vocals/guitar), Andreas Andersen (single guitar), Thor Boding (bass ) and Louisian Boltner (drums) rock the stage.

Big Band Night

Date: 11.08.2024, Begin: 19:30 Uhr, Einlass:19:00 Uhr
Location: Voglpark / Stadtsaal (bei Schlechtwetter)

Ferry Ilg Big Band
This year’s “Big Band Night” presents the Ferry Ilg Big Band, who take the audience on a journey through time to 1930s America with classics from the golden swing era. The Ferry Ilg Big Band was on stage with musicians such as Martin Breinschmid, Lee Harper, Kevin Mahogany and Heinz von Hermann and is a guarantee for the finest big band sound. There is a free drink for swing dancers and all visitors in swing era outfits.


Date: 12.08.2024
Location: Voglpark / Stadtsaal (bei Schlechtwetter)

A free summer day in the park with drumming, singing, dancing, handicrafts, music play stations and an interactive musical for children, teenagers and adults.
from 11:00 a.m.
Play stations with singing, handicrafts, dancing
Drum circle with Helmut Bimashofer
13:00 ‘O clock
Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Children’s hands-on musical with musical star Gernot Kranner

Jazz, Soul & Funk Night

Date: 12.08.2024, Begin: 19:00 Uhr, Einlass: 18:30 Uhr
Location: Voglpark / Stadtsaal (bei Schlechtwetter)

The long-awaited project “Revival” with the powerful and crystal-clear voice of the charismatic US vocalist Chanda Rule and one of the leading jazz/fusion guitarists in Europe, Mickylee, promises gospel, soul, jazz and communal music” a musical experience that moves, touches and inspires
Hub5 merges traditional jazz with epic, film music elements and thus creates a connection between conventional and contemporary jazz in a very personal way. With Stepan Flagar (tenor sax), Robert Schröck (alto sax), Hubert Gredler (leader, p, composition), Simon Schmollgruber (bass) and Walter Sitz (dr)
Simon Plötzeneder Organ Band
This quartet with leader and trumpeter Simon Plötzeneder, which impresses with its playful flexibility and familiarity with the most diverse musical genres, convinces with its independent sound and timeless compositions, which transmit energy and emotions directly to the listener without detours. With Martin Reiter (organ), Andy Tausch (guitar) and Mario Gonzi (dr).

A Musical Day In The Park

Date: 13.08.2024
Location: Voglpark / Stadtsaal (bei Schlechtwetter)

Vocalists from the NYCMM songwriting workshop will open before the award-winning duo ANDYMAN with Andreas Kurz and Andreas Haidecker with profound knowledge of the colloquial language and the dialect together with the finest music inspire our audience
“Critical, witty and funny” (Stefan Schlager, ZIB 01.03.2023)


Date: 13.08.2024, Begin: 17:00 Uhr, Einlass: 16:30 Uhr
Location: Voglpark / Stadtsaal (bei Schlechtwetter)

“Global Music Portraits” of the workshop participants with folk, country, rock, pop and jazz in combo format and the NYCMM - A Capella Ensemble and Inspirational Choir.


09.08.-12.08, from 22:00 O’Clock
Jam Rock Cafe

Post-Concert Jazz&Jammin’

10.-13.08., from 11:00 O’Clock
Stadtsaal and Pavillon

The Atelier “Nessling” presents images in the form of Sabine Nessling, whose creative process is not only slightly different from the manual, but was also often exhausting. The interplay between intuitive action and analytical control as well as the opposite poles of calm and dynamic, excitement and serenity, fullness and reduction inform the artistic process of this artist from St. Pantaleon.


The workshops for jazz and popular music are among the most innovative and extensive music workshops in Upper Austria and are led by lecturers from Austria and New York
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Through cooperation with the Integrationskochclub Mattighofen and the Gasthaus Badhaus, there are culinary delights from the region to enjoy.


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From 20 July, advance tickets will be available at Stadttrafik Mattighofen (Stadtplatz 15).

Opening Night

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Blues Power Night

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Big Band Night

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Jazz, Soul, & Funk Night

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Door: 30€
A Musical Day In The Park

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* Reduced admission for pupils/students/young people up to the age of 19.
Free admission for children and young people under the age of 14



Stadtsaal: Salzburger Str. 6, 5230 Mattighofen
Stadtpark/Pavillon: Salzburger Str. 8, 5230 Mattighofen

***The Stadtsaal and Stadtpark are barrier-free. A barrier-free toilet facility is only available in the Stadtsaal.

Jam Rock Cafe: Moosstraße 27, 5230 Mattighofen