Daily Routine

Begin: Wednesday, 17. August 2022 - 9.00 am

End: Sunday, 21. August 2022 - ca. 7:30 pm

Morning meditation / Yoga: 9.00 - 9.30 am
Workshop duration: daily 9.30 am - 5.30 pm
Lunch break from 12:30 – 14:30 with the possibility to eat together in the 10-minute walk nearby Stadtplatz 1 with discounted NYCMM menu and vegetarian options
All workshop classes take place in the LANDESMUSIKSCHULE Mattighofen, which is housed in the renovated beautiful villa of Ludwig Vogl, the former owner of the once second largest leather factory in Europe, in the city park.
Salzburger Str. 8
5230 Mattighofen
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Accommodation options in Mattighofen are limited and quickly booked out. However, there are inns and private rooms in the area
GH Mattigtalerhof
GH Zur Schmiede
GH Weiss
GH Wirt z’Weissau
GH Jägerwirt
GH Pfandlwirt
GH Helpfauerhof
GH Steinerwirt
private rooms:
Fam. Krautstorfer: krautstorfer@aon.at, Tel.: 0676-4829304
Frau Eisele Maria, Wendling 25, 5232 Kirchberg, Tel.: 07747-5085
Frau Paula Werni: Bradirn 28, 5222 Munderfing Tel.: 07744-8635
More rooms in the area are available on AirBnb


Our workshops are among the most innovative and comprehensive music workshops in Upper Austria and are led by lecturers from Austria and New York. The opportunity for workshop participants to use the complete package consisting of workshops, evening concerts and subsequent jam sessions with the lecturers in a family atmosphere is an all-in experience in which joint leisure activities also ensure a good mood and the feel-good factor is not neglected.
In five days, less experienced and advanced workshop participants will experiment and fine-tune the playing skills and joy of playing the instrument as well as the concept and philosophy of improvised music found in most American music forms such as funk, rock, jazz, gospel and soul music. Whether on the instrument, in combos or as a vocalist - we play and explore the essential building blocks and progressive elements of these different musical genres with curiosity, fun and team spirit.

The workshop for instrumentalists
consists of 3 modules:

  • Boot Camp - for skill and technique, phrasing, groove, improvisation and expressiveness!
  • Combos - gain exciting practical experience with like-minded musicians and lecturers in combos of different styles and levels.
  • Musicians Talk - Arranging, composition, business of music and questions you’ve always wanted to ask professionals about everything to do with being a musician!
BOOT CAMP (Easy to Advanced)
Boot Camp is an exciting group lesson where saxophonists, trumpeters, trombonists, guitarists, pianists, bassists and drummers are among themselves with the corresponding lecturer. In the Boot Camp modules we experiment with exercises for technique, sound, improvisation, groove, rhythm, reading music and charts and playing in different styles of music, as well as soloistic expressiveness.
COMBOS (Easy to Advanced)
The combos are put together in the best possible way according to the level of the workshop participants and range from funk/rock, fusion, Latin to be-bop, modal jazz, a gospel/vocal ensemble and contemporary music ensemble.
Musicians Open Talks are a series of mini-masterclasses with various lecturers in a wide variety of fields, such as song writing, composition, arrangement, business of music, listening skills, improvisation, etc. be covered.
All instrumentalists can participate in these modules.

Workshops for Vocalists

As a vocal participant, you can choose one of 3 workshops when registering (ticket shop) and deal with a cappella, stage presence or songwriting as desired. In all three vocal workshops you can discover your voice and musical skills and develop them in a supportive environment. The offer is suitable for singers with different experiences. For early risers (despite nightly jam sessions) there is a meditation or yoga session every morning followed by vocal warm-up exercises for all vocal participants. Afterwards the three workshops Your voice on stage, Just Sing! A Cappella Ensemble and The Solo Singer & The Songwriter.

Your Coaching-Team:

The NYCMM vocal department consists of vocal and instrumental instructors Danielle Lous (Your Voice on Stage), Chanda Rule (Just Sing! A Cappella Ensemble) and Christian Wegscheider (The Solo Singer & Songwriter).
In the afternoon there is the possibility to take lessons with all teachers of the singing department.
The workshops can be selected during the online registration